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The Biology Of Conscious Breathing Podcast

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Ed Joins Josh Trent Of Wellness Force Radio

“Get in control of your breath so you can get in control of your psychology. When you can do that, you can control your physiology.” – Ed Harrold

How has your breathing been today? Go on and take a deep, big breath. Now go and take three more. 

Wellness Force Radio Episode 324

Breathwork Expert, Author of Life With Breath, and Creator of Ed TV, Ed Harrold, discusses the mind-body relationship that is linked through breath, why breathwork actually helps people lose weight, and how conscious breathing serves as a basis for reducing stress, improving wellbeing, and building resilience.

Discover how Ed Harrold has blended the fields of breathwork, neuroscience, and contemplated traditions for effective strategies in health, performance, and overall wellbeing. 

Listen To Episode 324 As Ed Harrold Uncovers:

[1:30] Life With Breath

  • How an experience during a 22.5 mile swimming competition changed his life forever.

  • Why life itself is an endurance sport.

  • Life lessons his mother taught him including how to see the best in life to overcome adversity. (9:30)

  • Why everything looked great on paper for Ed but deep down inside he had these crippling thoughts and fears he needed to work through.

  • How he became stuck by repeating destructive behaviors despite what his heart wanted to bring to himself, his family, and his business.

  • Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health

[13:00]  Breathwork’s Role In Repatterning The Brain

  • The fact that the brain basically works by repeating the same thoughts and questions every day unless we break that habit through repatterning.

  • Diving deep into the vagus nerve’s innervation of the diaphragm.  (14:50)

  • Strengthening of the vagal nerve to remove mucus, phlegm, and fat from the organs for better health performance.

  • The importance of toning the three layers of the abdomen but making sure they’re not too tight to avoid energy drain. (17:40)

  • How you can connect your emotions with your breath so that you may feel what’s true through body-centered psychotherapy. (19:00)

[20:50] Cultivating Healthy Resistance & Interacting With Our Fears

  • The various gateways to fear and how to cultivate a greater awareness of how it is encoded in your human experience.

  • Why we always naturally resist new psychological platforms for us to interact with through our mind and body

  • How to create healthy resistance and be open to learning something new. (21:20)

  • Why he came to a point where he simply did not trust life, couldn't take any chances and didn't believe he could ever have a “happy gene.”

  • The importance of taking chances in life because we’ve all got what it takes.

  • How utilizing breathwork will allow your body the opportunity to create a greater interaction with your mind.

[28:00] You Can’t Fix The Head With The Head

  • The unconditional love the heart has for us even if we leave it for external fulfillment.Why all we need to fulfill us right now is the love we have for ourselves.

  • The fact that we can’t fix the heart with the head; we have to heal it with self-love and inner work.

  • It takes so much energy to trust the body but everything we ever require in life comes from the inner work

  • Why we should all have the goal of feeling safe enough to explore ourselves through regular inner work.

  • How he came to notice that patience, acceptance, and kindness really seem to be missing in our society and how we can cultivate them together.

[34:40] Greater Mindfulness Through Improved Posture & Breathing

  • Why taking slow, deep inhales can satisfy our need for instant gratification, allow us to pause, and help us really be present with ourselves.

  • Benefits of paying attention to our body’s posture, especially if we’re leaning forward into the next moment rather than being present in the current experience.

  • The increased support and stability you will experience in your lower back when you begin focusing on slower, deeper breaths.

  • Revealing the important role that our diaphragm plays for an improved breathing technique.

  • What happens in the body if we take a half breath with poor posture through the mouth rather than the nose.

  • Why we should be breathing through the nose rather than the mouth. (37:00)

[41:00] Getting Back To Nature To Heal Ourselves

  • How loving ourselves can help us love the world we live in even more.

  • The fact that the food we eat, the quality of breaths we take, and the thoughts we think are a direct mirror and representation of how we treat the earth.

  • Why our past is a plus: maybe it didn’t play out perfectly but every moment is important.

  • How we can leave seeds of wisdom for future generations and why he wants to leave behind guidance for personal self-awareness. (44:35)

  • What steps you can do today to become actively more engaged with your breath. (47:00)

  • Why our will to be healthy is a lot easier than being unhealthy.

  • The fact that everything he does in life now revolves around how he breathes.

  • How to bring forth and love your inner child for greater emotional intelligence. (53:30)

Power Quotes From The Show

Activating A Higher State Of Consciousness Through Breath & Movement

“Focus first on your breath and then second mindful movement which, in other words, is a story behind the movement. When you can tune your brain into the patterns of movement and the emotions and thoughts that come up with each move, you become very, very powerful in activating what I like to call, ‘body-centered psychotherapy' and no one knows you better than you.” – Ed Harrold

Fear & Resistance: Powerful Opportunities For Growth

“Fear and resistance are powerful opportunities for growth if you consciously choose to stay with these emotions longer allowing them time to deliver their message, to acknowledge what part of yourself is in conflict with your choices.” – Ed Harrold

Gotta Feel It To Heal It

“When you start to control your breath, you're giving the mind and body the opportunity to embody your thinking. You're allowing the body and the wisdom of the body, whether it be the upper abdomen or the neurons in the heart, the opportunity to interact with the film that you're watching in your mind. So, when you have the ability to pause with your breath and feel your intention, you're taking your intelligence to a whole other level that's well above the normal dialogue of folks who are disconnected from their breath.” – Ed Harrold

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1 Comment

Mar 07, 2020

Your podcast interview was full of very inspirational wisdom and tips on how we can actually apply breathing to our daily life. I was very impressed that you not only have so much knowledge about breathwork, but that you also are such an engaging speaker who have natural rhythm and comfortable, conscious pause between words, which are really breathing in conversation itself!

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