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Donation Based Breath Coaching With Ed Harrold

Ed Harrold's Breath AS Medicine is a transformative practice centered around conscious and intentional breathing going beyond the automatic rhythms of inhale and exhale.  Personalized sessions teach you to harness the breath's potential, reducing stress, enhancing focus, and promoting transformational healing. As you navigate a "life with breath", you'll find yourself empowered to manage emotions, cultivate mindfulness, and unlock a renewed sense of vitality. Embrace the transformative journey of breath coaching and awaken the extraordinary power that resides within each inhale and exhale.

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We don't want the energy of money to be a hinderance to applying the transformation power of breath into your life.  Ensuring accessibility for all, our sessions are offered by DONATION, allowing you to contribute what feels meaningful and appropriate for you.  

Schedule your appt here and make your donation.

Ed Harrold's
Breath AS Medicine Services


Health & Wellness

Begin by establishing a conscious connection with your breath, laying the foundation for a mindful and intentional session.  Ed will lead you through a series of expertly crafted breathwork techniques designed to reduce stress, foster relaxation, and unlock the healing potential within you.  Benefit from personalized guidance as Ed adapts the session to address individual needs, ensuring a tailored experience for each participant.



In today’s hectic environment, we’re seeing the result of diminished cognitive abilities and a great deal of trouble exercising self-control. People often make choices that bear a mixed relationship to their own preferences moving moment-by-moment in an unconscious state of being.  In BodyMindBusiness, we introduce a “body OVER mind” psychology that removes the barriers limiting performance and productivity while still ensuring one’s health and well-being. 


Exercise Performance

Ed Harrold’s breath coach training focuses on nasal dominance in respiratory muscle training by applying the principles and philosophy of yoga breathing (or pranayama) as inspiratory and expiratory breath regulation training.  learn the science of controlling the breath for various physiologic and psychological outcomes overlooked in current fitness & athletic training.

Michael Susi, Director of Global Wellness, LinkedIn

Ed highlights the hidden power that lies within each breath we take and demonstrates its' positive effect on human performance of all types.  Each person and organization that incorporates the principles of BodyMindBusiness will gain a competitive advantage over those that don't."

Oswaldo Lopez, Global Human Resources, RiceTec

"Ed learnings have been crucial for my professional well-being. As HR professional I have been exposed to multiple leadership philosophies and practices, but none have connected the individual’s well-being with the outcome of the leadership practice. Ed’s holistic approach increased my level of awareness, and is helping me to manage stress and communication effectively. I can see higher concentration and performance levels. Ed will guide you and provide the tools, but will be on you to execute it. Thank you Ed."

Chris Klug, Olympic Snowbird Medalist

“Thank you very much for taking the time to help me.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to focus on my breathing and work on becoming a better athlete and person.  I love what your'e doing!  Thanks Ed.”

Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr.

“I first met Ed when he spoke at The Aspen Brain Lab on breathwork.  I worked with him for 3 years. Not because I needed this much to improve my health but because I loved it!  I feel better than I have in years and my Dr. says I'm in great shape.  Thanks Ed!”
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