Ed Harrold Breathing Exercises

Why is intentional breathing such a powerful tool for improving our health and wellbeing? Breath rates & patterns influence most of the major systems of our mind and body including our biochemistry, our physiology, our psychology and our biomechanics.  


Simply put, breathwork is the single most effective lifestyle medicine tool, besides nutrition, that can:


  • reduce stress

  • improve brain function

  • improve sleep

  • raise energy levels

  • improve executive functioning skills

  • self regulate emotions

  • and transform habitual patterns of behavior

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Breathing Techniques Channel

Ed demonstrates how to do various breathing techniques from beginner to advanced.  In addition, he provides any contraindications for the individual techniques.

Lightning Bolt Biohacks

Techniques for the "Quantified Self".  A series of 2 - 3 minute breathing techniques and awareness drills designed to biohack the body and mind into performance states and improve cardiovascular health.  The nose knows!

Breath AS Medicine Channel

A series of educational videos on how to use "breath as medicine" for various chronic illness conditions and symptoms of ill-health.  Where available, this Channel also includes lectures where Ed is presenting on how to use mindful breathing strategies to improve your health and wellbeing.

30-Day Breath Challenge

Enjoy 30 days of 30-minute classes.  Ed incorporates various basic, intermediate and advanced breathwork techniques into choreographic classes.

Brain Breaks Channel

Our brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs a break?  Throughout your day, take a 5-minute breath brain break to support the body.  Watch how it improves your mood, levels of concentration, sleep, energy levels and so much more.  There are videos to do at your desk, on the floor or while standing.  They are 5-7 minutes in length.  Some techniques in these videos may not be appropriate for all levels of health or recent surgeries.  

Breathing Classes Channel

Discover your Life With Breath.  Enjoy conscious breathing classes that weave breathing techniques together for a powerful experience.  These classes are great for meditation, reducing stress, improving respiratory & cardiovascular health, alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression and much more.  Classes include videos for beginners, immediate and advanced in varying from 15 minutes to 60 minutes in length.

BodyMindBusiness Channel

Ed weaves together breathing exercises along with mindfulness exercises based on his Corporate Coaching AIM philosophy (Awareness, Intention, Manifestation).  Learn how to build resilience, self-regulate thoughts and emotions to strengthen executive functioning skills.

Breath-Based Fitness Channel

Ed Harrold is a former extreme athlete and a former professional marathon swimmer. He competed at the highest level and is an accomplished Tri-Athlete. Ed’s endurance techniques and concepts are revolutionary in application and efficiency.  They are applicable for all levels of fitness including the highest levels of athletic performance. Today, Ed applies all these techniques into his own fitness which includes rowing, hiking and skiing at Snowbird with a big smile on his face.

Breathe, Love, Live Channel

Ed's 3 pillars for living a healthy and vibrant life are to breathe deeply, love completely and live mindfully.  In these 10-day series, Ed guides you through a 15-minute video course introducing various breathing techniques.  Each day builds upon the next until the end of the series which is a guided 15-minute experience.

Great series for beginners!

Yoga Postures Channel

This section allows you to learn more about each posture in great detail.  They're a great instructional tool.  They also provide a healthy living tool to use the postures for various health conditions.  See the health benefits of each posture.

Yoga Classes Channel

Enjoy our collection of yoga classes.  There are 30, 60 & 90-minute classes for all levels.  Check out the description to see what's right for you.  We recommend our 30-minute classes and our Gentle classes for beginners.

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