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Breathing is something we take for granted.  It's an involuntary action by the body so we rarely pay attention.  So, how can we use "breath as medicine"?  


How we breathe is communicating with our brain, heart & autonomic nervous system.  The optimization of breathing is a means to improving the health of the mind, body and brain as breathing rates & patterns influence our biochemistry, biomechanics, psychology or physiology.  


Therapeutic yoga breathing (or Pranayama) is the “regulation of breath with certain techniques and sequences” where the breath is intentionally altered in order to produce specific results in health, well-being and organizational performance.  

Fix breathing rates and patterns and we improve heart health, sleep health, respiratory health, immune function, digestive health and so much more!  

Discover Using Breath AS Medicine

"In a world where we are looking to reduce stress and improve our health, Ed teaches us how to use one of the best tools we carry with us wherever we go; our breath!"

Allison Arden, CEO

Soul + Co.

"Eddie Harrold, an amazing transformational partner who has been teaching our organization that stress is an unnecessary state of mind. Using our natural breath, physical movement and the balance of physiological knowledge, our employees are leveraging his strategies for undoing years of unhealthy reactions to the stressors we all face as corporate citizens. Eddie is what all corporations need."

Eileen Benwitt, Chief Talent Officer

Horizon Media

"Ed was guest presenter speaking on breathing for health.  This is HUGE in coaching. Not only did I learn how to reduce stress physically, I have tools to help clients with their mental and emotional states.  It's sometimes difficult to calm clients down but not any more!"

Patricia A., Wellcoaches Wellness Coach

Breath AS Medicine
Breath AS Medicine
A Year Of Breathing
Breathing Device

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Are You A Corporate Wellness Coach?  Get Trained In "Breath AS Medicine" With Our Continuing Education Premium Course At Wellcoaches School Of Coaching

(Wellcoaches 12, ACSM 12, ICHWC 12, NCHEC 12)

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