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Eileen Benwitt, Chief Talent Officer

Horizon Media

Eddy Harrold, an amazing transformational partner who has been teaching our organization that stress is an unnecessary state of mind. Using our natural breath, physical movement and the balance of physiological knowledge, our employees are leveraging his strategies for undoing years of unhealthy reactions to the stressors we all face as corporate citizens. Eddie is what all corporations need.


Michael Susi, Director Global Wellness, LinkedIn

Ed highlights the hidden power that lies within each breath we take and demonstrates its' positive effect on human performance of all types.


Allison Arden, CEO

Soul + Co.

In a world where we are looking to reduce stress and improve our health, Ed teaches us how to use one of the best tools we carry with us wherever we go; our breath!

Breath AS Medicine
Breath AS Medicine
A Year Of Breathing

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