Ed Harrold's Breath AS Medicine  Breathwork Training


Ed Harrold's Breath AS Medicine     (BAM) Breathwork Training educates registrants on the art, science and application of therapeutic yoga breathing in self-care, prevention and lifestyle medicine.  BAM Breathwork Trainings are offered as open events on our Upcoming Events page or can be customized for healthcare organizations & fitness clubs, associations and conferences.  BAM currently offers continued education credits through George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC), Wellcoaches School of Coaching, American Council on Exercise & Yoga Alliance. 


Breath AS Medicine is offered through the

Wellcoaches School of Coaching, the MedFit Education Foundation AND The Medical Wellness Association. 

It's also available as an e-learning training​ programs. 


Designed For: Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Hygienists,

Psychotherapists, Physiotherapists, Sleep Medicine Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Fitness Professionals, Sports Coaches & Wellness Coaches

Respiratory physiology is a dynamic way of improving a client’s level of health, fitness and overall wellbeing.  As stress continues to be the leading cause of chronic illness and burnout in the healthcare industry, prevention & self-care programs should include tools and strategies to reduce stress instead of adding to accelerated aging and ill-health.


Ed Harrold’s Breath AS Medicine    training focuses on nasal dominance by applying the principles and philosophy of yoga breathing (or pranayama) to improve breathing rates and patterns; thereby, improving brain health, heart health, respiratory health, nervous system imbalances, endocrine health, circadian & ultradian rhythms as well as cognitive function and emotional intelligence.











Pranayama (or yoga breathing) is the science of learning to control the breath for various physiologic, biochemical, biomechanical and psychological outcomes overlooked in current health, fitness and wellbeing programs. As the research affirms, the therapeutic benefits of Yoga Breathing (or Pranayama) reveal itself through the positive effects on our Central/Autonomic/Enteric Nervous Systems, Immune, Digestive, Cardiovascular, Brain & Neuroendocrine systems.


Breath AS Medicine    is a highly effective modality for both the prevention of illness as well as therapy for managing and/or reversing existing chronic illness. With evidence-based concepts & strategies, this training is specifically designed for professionals who want to learn the art, science and application of yoga breathing as a self-care, wellness & well-being, patient care and patient education practice in prevention, fitness and athletic training, lifestyle medicine, behavior change and a supplement to conventional care.



"Breathing is a first step to self-awareness, which opens a path to self-regulation and then mindset shifts,” notes Margaret Moore, aka Coach Meg, Founder of Wellcoaches

Continuing Education:


  • 23 CME credits w. George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. CME is available for physicians and physician assistants. ALL other attendees will receive a Certificate Of Attendance with Contact Hours to submit to your governing boards for CE consideration. (LIVE Trainings ONLY)

  • 15 or 25 CE credits w. National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) CEP #: 100133

  • 12 CE credits w. Wellcoaches School of Coaching (Wellcoaches 12, ACSM 12, ICHWC 12, NCHEC 12) 

  • 2.5 CEC credits with The American Council on Exercise (ACE) For 25-Hour Training

  • 1.5 CEC credits with The American Council on Exercise (ACE) For 15-Hour Training

  • 2.5 CE credits with Yoga Alliance

The Breath AS Medicine Training can be customized for your area of health or fitness. 

Ask us how to customize AND deliver the Breath AS Medicine for your organization, conference or event.

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