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Ed Harrold is an author, health & performance breathwork coach, breath educator, motivational speaker and inspirational thought leader. Ed’s mastery in the science of breath has guided him to apply mindful, intentional breathing practices in fitness & athletic training, corporate wellness and organizational performance for executives, stress reduction retreats, continuing education trainings and lifestyle coaching for individuals.


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The Goldie Hawn Foundation’s program MindUP has partnered with renowned breathing coach Ed Harrold to provide resources and training videos focussed on techniques and strategies applying the science of intentional breathing for our own physical, mental health and well-being.

MindUP is currently developing an online learning platform. The online platform will include specialized training and curriculum as well as feature exclusive content including videos, activities, and resources.

COMING SOON! Coach Ed Harrold will have a section on the MindUP platform which includes a series of educational and experiential videos focused on therapeutic breathwork with the goal being to reduce stress and improve wellness and well-being.

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