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Ed Harrold Life With Breath Book
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Basics Of Breath

Course Includes 6 Lessons On Breath 


  • Each Lesson includes a tutorial on an area of health influenced by our breath rates and patterns. 

  • Each Lesson includes instructional and experiential breathwork videos to improve the specific area of health and well-being.

  • 1+ Hour(s) Of Video Instruction



Ed's BodyMindBusiness Executive coaching e-learning course.  Learn the "body OVER mind" physiology and psychology of peak performance & organizational results.

  • The Business of BE'ing Within

  • The Secret To Sustainable Growth

  • The Science Of Heart-Brain Coherence

  • 7 "body OVER mind" video exercises


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30-Day Breath Challenge

30 days of 30-minute classes from Ed's 30-Day Breath Challenge hosted LIVE October 2020. 


Ed combines basic, intermediate & advanced breathwork techniques into a choreographed class.  Great way to get started with a breathwork practice of your own. 


Life With Breath Video 

Based on the 30-day plan in Ed's Life With Breath IQ + EQ = NEW YOU book, Ed guides you through the 30-day practice with video choreographed classes.