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Ed Harrold Life With Breath Book
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The Breath Source App

The Breath Source Breathwork App serves as the virtual hub for you to gather with others to experience the power + practice of breathwork.

👃 Experience Breathwork ➝ 7-day free trial, then $1.99 per week

🧘‍♂️ Create a Ritual ➝ 7-day free trial, then $6.99/month

🫁 Make It a Lifestyle ➝ 7-day free trial, then $69.99/year


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Basics Of Breath e-Learning Course

Course includes a tutorial on 6 different areas of health influenced by our breath rates and patterns: 1) Foundation Breath 2) Heart Health 3) Sleep Health 4) Stress 5) Brain and 6) Exercise  


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Upgraded Formulas

Most mineral supplements lack the ability to absorb fully into the body, rendering them extremely ineffective.  We created Stabilized Nano Minerals small enough to absorb into your cells. This gives our products their winning 99.9% absorption rate, making them roughly five times better than the next closest brand.

10% OFF With Code: EDHARROLD

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