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Ed Harrold’s Breath AS MedicineTM training focuses on nasal dominance by applying the principles and philosophy of yoga breathing (or pranayama) to improve breathing rates and patterns; thereby, improving brain health, heart health, respiratory health, nervous system imbalances, endocrine health, circadian & ultradian rhythms as well as cognitive function and emotional intelligence.


Breath AS Medicine is a highly effective modality for reducing stress and improving wellness and well-being. With evidence-based concepts & strategies, this training is specifically designed for teachers and educators who want to learn the art, science and application of yoga breathing as a self-care, wellness & well-being practice as it relates to physical, mental and emotional health.

This 4-week interactive LIVE WEBINAR training involves breathwork tools and strategies, mindful movement, and social-emotional learning (SEL) developed through breath for you to incorporate among your students and classroom activities, family members, and communities.  Each week consists of a 2-hour training session on GoToMeeting as well as on demand lessons, videos, guided experiences, research, Q&A and more. 

Group discounts available.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to demonstrate breathwork techniques & sequenced breathwork practices

  • Incorporate daily self care routines to reduce occupational stress and relieve burnout while building resilience

  • Be equipped to deliver mindful movement exercises linked with breath to improve posture and the student's "state of learning"

  • Develop breath-based "brain break" activities to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain

  • Gain the knowledge for how breathing influences cognition, emotional intelligence and behavior change.

The Breath AS Medicine Training can be customized for your organization, conference or event.

The Goldie Hawn Foundation’s program MindUP has partnered with renowned breathing coach Ed Harrold to provide resources and training videos focussed on techniques and strategies applying the science of intentional breathing for our own physical, mental health and well-being.  This content is available teachers, educators and parents via MindUP.   (COMING JANUARY 2021)

20% of the proceeds on the Breath AS Medicine For Educators program are donated to the MindUP organization to the support the goals and mission of the organization.

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