Breathing influences our biochemistry (energy management), biomechanics (posture management), physiology (managing heart rates and heart rate variability & psychology (managing thoughts and emotions).  Ed’s Events include a variety speaking engagements, conferences and continuing education trainings in healthcare, fitness and corporate wellness sectors designed to educate those in the business of health on the art, science & application of therapeutic yoga breathing.
Ed Harrold's Breath AS Medicine (BAM) Breathwork Training educates registrants on the art, science and application of yoga breathing in prevention and lifestyle medicine.  BAM Breathwork Trainings are offered as open events or can be customized for healthcare organizations and/or Fitness Clubs.  CME is provided through our relationship with George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences.  CE's with National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).  CEC's are offered through our relationship with American Council on Exercise (ACE).  Wellness Coaches can get their Continuing Education Credits with our "Breath AS Medicine" Premium Class offered through Wellcoaches School of Coaching (Wellcoaches 12, ACSM 12, ICHWC 12, NCHEC 12).
In addition, we offer events arranged for individuals to discover their “life with breath” in health, fitness and performance.  Join Ed to discover YOUR “life with breath” for optimal health and wellness as well as athletic and organizational performance.
Join Ed To Discover Your Life With Breath
Ed Harrold's 12-Hour Breath AS Medicine Premium Class @ Wellcoaches School of Coaching
Mon, Apr 06
Wellcoaches Corporation
Apr 06, 1:00 PM EDT – May 25, 3:00 PM EDT
Wellcoaches Corporation, 19 Weston Rd, Wellesley, MA 02482, USA
Discover the power of intentional breathing physiology and psychology as a dynamic way of improving a client’s level of health and well-being, fitness and overall performance. Offer your client’s health improvement strategies that target the leading causes of ill-health.
Are You In Recovery: Breath AS Medicine For Active, Sleep & Rest Recovery Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Thu, Apr 09
LIVE Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Apr 09, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT
LIVE Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Part of a 6-week Webinar Series @ MedFit Classroom, this webinar, we’ll we’ll bring attention to Active, Sleep & Rest Recovery strategies using our breath. Learn how to apply "Breath AS Medicine" at MedFit Classroom.
Breath AS Medicine In Warm-ups & Cool-Downs Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Thu, Apr 16
LIVE Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Apr 16, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT
LIVE Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Part of a 6-week series on the art, science & application of breathing for optimal health and performance, you’ll learn how to have more natural organic energy in the meat of your exercise routines while aiding the body in recovery. Discover applying "Breath AS Medicine".
Weight Loss Happens On The Exhale: Breath AS Medicine In Weight Loss Programming Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Thu, Apr 23
LIVE Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Apr 23, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT
LIVE Webinar @ MedFit Classroom
Part of a 6-week series on the art, science & application of mindful breathing for optimal health and exercise performance, we’ll discuss the role of nasal breathing & nasal breathing techniques to lose weight efficiently and effectively while transforming habitual patterns of behavior.
Breath AS Medicine: The Diaphragm And Functional Movement Webinar
Tue, May 19
LIVE Webinar
May 19, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT
LIVE Webinar
A strong diaphragm not only gives us core stabilization, it gives us a broad range of motion in our lower backs, hips and buttocks. When we breathe only into the upper lobes of the lungs, we are not properly engaging the diaphragm muscle nor are we hitting the parasympathetic nerve endings in lungs.
The Business Of BE’ing Within. Strengthen Cognitive & Emotional Intelligence With The Power Of Breath @ Aspen Brain Lab
Wed, Jul 08
Jul 08, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Aspen, Aspen, CO 81611, USA
Breathing is influencing areas of the brain responsible for cognition, emotion, autonomic function and as the research now reveals, "how well spinal fluid flows in and around the brain". Join me to discover YOUR "life with breath".
Ed Harrold's 25-Hour Breath AS Medicine LIVE Webinar Breathwork Training (October)
Mon, Oct 05
LIVE Webinar Series
Oct 05, 3:00 PM – Nov 23, 5:30 PM
LIVE Webinar Series
Designed For: Nurses, Physicians, Psychotherapists, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Physical Therapists & Wellness Coaches

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