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The Power Of Breath With Allison Arden @ The Elements Of Us Podcast

In this episode, Ed teaches Allison specific breathing exercises anyone can use to alleviate anxiety, increase focus and stimulate creativity. The best part is these are breathwork tools that can be used at any time without anyone knowing you’re using them. Learn how to apply breathing exercises throughout your day to improve productivity and performance at work without compromising your health!

About Allison Arden:

Allison Arden is a creative business leader, author, and entrepreneur. As the publisher of Advertising Age, Allison led the brand through the most disruptive and inventive decade in its history. This experience gave her a unique vantage point on an industry and a community, undergoing tremendous disruption. The hands-on experience and love for business transformation she developed in this time gave her a deep appreciation and understanding of the role emotion plays in inspiring great change and innovation. The Elements of Us, is an encapsulation of that experience, along with her study of psychology, which she now brings to organizations to create psychological safety and well-being that drives success.



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