The Science of Breath & Mindfulness

As contemplative practices become more popular, so does the research validating their effectiveness in health, athletic training as well as executive and leadership coaching.  We have allocated the research into several difference topics in an effort to help you find your area of interest. As more and more information becomes available, we’ll continue to provide this education to our clients. Enjoy!


A must read for everyone on Dysfunctional Breathing & Influence Of Respiration on ALL Body Systems & Health Impacts of Yoga & Pranayama (A State Of The Art Review)

  1. Health & Well-Being

    1. Stress and/or Autonomic Nervous System

      1. Mindfulness For Workplace Stress Reduction

      2. Yoga & Stress Reduction At Work

      3. Breathing To Reduce Inflammation

      4. Yoga Breathing Reduces Inflammatory Markers in Saliva

      5. Stress Reduction & Resilience Training

      6. Alternate Nostril Breathing & ANS Function

      7. Health Impacts of Yoga & Pranayama

      8. Diaphragm Action of Autonomic & Enteric Nervous Systems

      9. The Effects Of Diaphragmatic Breathing On Attention, Negative Affect And Stress In Healthy Adults

      10. Breathing through a particular nostril can alter metabolism and autonomic activities.

      11. Immediate effect of specific nostril manipulating yoga breathing practices on autonomic and respiratory variables.

      12. The effects of right and left nostril breathing on cardiorespiratory and autonomic parameters.

    2. Cardiovascular Disease

      1. The effect of Unilateral Breathing on Heart

      2. Effects of Various Pranayama on Cardiovascular & Autonomic Variables

      3. Differential effects of uninostril and alternate nostril pranayamas on cardiovascular parameters and reaction time

      4. Deep Breathing For Patients With Chronic Heart Failure 

      5. Guided Breathing Results on Co2 & HRA

      6. Breathing Improves Arterial Baroreflex Sensitivity

      7. Yoga Breathing Influences Sympathovagal, HVR & Cardiovascular Health

      8. Effects of Mouth Breathing on Heart/Lungs

      9. Effect of alternate nostril breathing exercise on cardiorespiratory functions

      10. The Impact of Resonance Frequency Breathing on Measures of Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure, and Mood

      11. Immediate effect of chandra nadi pranayama (left unilateral forced nostril breathing) on cardiovascular parameters in hypertensive patients

      12. Immediate cardiovascular effects of pranava pranayama in hypertensive patients

      13. Immediate effect of slow pace bhastrika pranayama on blood pressure and heart rate

      14. Immediate effect of a slow pace breathing exercise Bhramari pranayama on blood pressure and heart rate

    3. Weight Loss

      1. Losing Body Fat With Breathing

      2. When Somebody Loses Weight, Where Does The Fat Go?

    4. PTSD & Trauma

      1. Yoga Breathing For Trauma​

      2. Yoga Breathing As Treatment For PTSD With Military Vets

      3. Yoga Breathing For PTSD, ADHD & Schizophrenia

      4. Yoga Breathing For PTSD

      5. Yoga Breathing & Longevity

    5. Ultradian Rhythm

      1. Yoga Breathing & Ultradian Rhythm

      2. Nasal Dominance & Ultradian Rhythm

      3. Nasal Cycle In Ultradian Rhythm

    6. Pain Management

      1. The Effect of Deep and Slow Breathing on Pain Perception, Autonomic Activity, and Mood Processing

      2. Perspectives on Yoga Inputs in the Management of Chronic Pain

    7. Upper Respiratory Disease

      1. Yoga Breathing & Pulmonary Function

      2. Oxygen consumption of oral vs. nasal breathing

      3. Nasal Breathing & Nocturnal Asthma

      4. Breathing For Asthma

      5. Effects Of Mouth Breathing on Heart/Lungs

    8. Dental & Sleep Medicine (including sleep apnea)

      1. Yoga & sleep quality

      2. Efficacy of paced breathing for insomnia

      3. Yoga Treatment For Chronic Insomnia

      4. Mindfulness Meditation With Breath Improves Sleep

      5. Nasal Breathing:  Keystone To Oral & Systemic Health

      6. Influence of Mouth Breathing On The Dentofacial Growth of Children:  A Cephalometric Study

      7. Association Between Oral Habits, Mouth Breathing & Malocclusion

      8. Mouth Breathing:  Physical, Mental & Emotional Consequences

    9. Mental & Emotional Health

      1. Breathing & Psychotherapy

      2. Breathing above the brain stem: volitional control and attentional modulation in humans

      3. Breathing & Fibromyalgia 

      4. The Meaning of Breath

      5. Mindful Attention To Breath Regulates Emotions 

      6. Yoga For Psychiatry & Mental Health

      7. Breathing For Self Regulation To Reduce Anxiety

      8. Breathing For Cognition & Emotion

      9. Breathing Induces Tranquility

      10. Respiratory Feedback in Generation of Emotion

      11. How Breath-Control Can Change Your Life: A Systematic Review on Psycho-Physiological Correlates of Slow Breathing

      12. Breathing Matters

      13. The Effects Of Diaphragmatic Breathing On Attention, Negative Affect And Stress In Healthy Adults

      14. Nasal Respiration Entrains Human Limbic Oscillations And Modulates Cognitive Function

      15. Neurophysiological and neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the effects of yoga-based practices: towards a comprehensive theoretical framework

      16. Vagus Nerve as Modulator of the Brain–Gut Axis in Psychiatric and Inflammatory Disorders

      17. Cardiac coherence, self-regulation, autonomic stability, and psychosocial well-being

      18. Breathing above the brain stem: volitional control and attentional modulation in humans

      19. The rhythm of memory: how breathing shapes memory function

      20. Amygdala-Stimulation-Induced Apnea Is Attention and Nasal-Breathing Dependent

    10. Brain Health

      1. Breathing & Brain health

      2. Breathing Can Affect Cleansing Of The Brain

      3. Yoga Breathing & Neuroprotectice effects

      4. Breathing & Self-Regulatory brain function

      5. The Heart/Brain Connection (recommend reading lots of research on the HeartMath Institutes website.)

      6. Alternate Nostril Breathing & The Pre-frontal Cortex

      7. Alternate Nostril Breathing & ANS

      8. Yoga Breathing & ANS

      9. Link Between Yoga Breathing, Cognition & Brain Health

      10. Coupling of Respiration & Attention Via Locus Coeruleus

      11. Breathing As A Fundamental Rhythm of Brain Function

      12. Amygdala and Emotional Breathing in Humans

      13. Amygdala and hippocampus are symptomatogenic zones for central apneic seizures

  2. Athletic Training & Performance

    1. Performance Breathing

      1. Diaphragmatic Breathing Reduces Oxidative Stress

      2. Bhastrika Breathing & Athletic Performance

      3. Nasal Dysfunction In Exercise

      4. Nasal Obstruction, The Airway, The Athlete

      5. Inspiratory Muscle Training 

      6. Inspiratory Muscle Training II

      7. Inspiratory Muscle Training III

      8. Nasal breathing & exercise tolerance

      9. The diaphragm muscle & influence on respiration

      10. Nasal Breathing & Systolic Blood Pressure

      11. Aerobic Exercise & Performance

      12. Breathing & Physiotherapy

      13. Breathing & Spinal Stability

  3. Corporate Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

    1. Cognitive Training

      1. Unilateral Forced Nostril Breathing & Cognition

      2. Breathing patterns & cognition

      3. Breath & Executive Functioning

      4. Nasal Breathing & Cognitive Function

      5. Coupling of Respiration & Attention Via Locus Coeruleus

      6. Breath-based Meditation:  A mechanism to restore the physiological and cognitive reserves for optimal human performance

    2. Emotional Intelligence Training

      1. The Effect of Meditation on Brain Function (specific to attention & emotion)

      2. Rhythm Of Breathing Affects Memory & Fear

    3. Leadership

      1. Mindfulness & Leadership

      2. Mindfulness In Organizations

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