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Ed Harrold With Jason Moore @ Elite HRV

The Power Of Intentional Breathing & Impact on HRV

Elite HRV Podcast
Ed Harrold On Breathing & HRV With Jason Moore

Episode Guest

Ed Harrold

Ed Harrold is an author, inspirational leader, public speaker, coach and educator. Ed’s mastery in the art, science and application of mindful breathing has guided him to apply conscious breathing practices in corporate performance coaching, fitness and athletic training, healthcare training, stress reduction and overall health and well-being.

Today, Ed blends the fields of neuroscience and the wisdom of contemplative traditions into effective strategies to improve health and well-being. Ed’s fluency in mindfulness-based strategies combined with the belief in the human potential gives him the depth and understanding to meet individual and group needs across industries and platforms.

Ed is the Author of “Life With Breath IQ + EQ = NEW YOU”. He is a contributing health and wellness editor for Huffington post, Thrive Global, MindBodyGreen, PTOnTheNet, & Corporate Wellness Magazine. Ed is a provider of continuing education training in both the healthcare and fitness industries. 


In This Episode

1:27 Welcome and intro to Ed

3:35 What got Ed so interested in breath as a powerful tool

7:46 What was it about breath that really changed things for you?

12:08 How do you work towards using breath in this way?

14:27 How being aware/present can change how you perceive stress

17:20 Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia

19:30 Life is an awareness-based model; you’re either aware of it or not

20:55 Is there a point in which some of these techniques become more automatic? Can we reap these benefits unconsciously?

24:30 How does this practice integrate with sleep?

30:45 Any recommended breathing patterns for performing different tasks?

37:15 Reverse engineering exercise

40:15 Is this a similar process in regards to mental exertion?

44:35 Correlation between cardiovascular strength and psychological resiliency

47:54 Turn stress upside down – embrace it!

50:48 Learn from your stress

54:15 It’s hard to stay positive when you’re exhausted – learn what we need to hang onto and what to let go of

1:02:39 Closing thoughts

1:03:57 Where to find Ed



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