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How LinkedIn Achieves Greatness With Breath Tenant

"Life With Breath" Expert Series

In 2021, we’re launching our Life With Breath Webinar Series interviewing different experts in the field of breathwork. With all the information that’s come out over this last year, we’re speaking with various thought leaders on how breath regulation influences different areas of health, well-being and performance.

In February, Michael Susi, Global Wellness Director, at LinkedIn joined us!

The mission of the LinkedIn Wellness program is to assist employees in their pursuit of greatness. To achieve this mission, LinkedIn uses the framework of the 6 Tenets of Wellness (Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, and Rest) which guide the offerings and are used as a teaching tool to enhance employee’s adoption of behaviors that support their desired outcome.

I am thrilled to host Michael Susi to discuss the Breathing Tenet and how it’s helping employees achieve their GREATNESS!

Discover your "life with breath" applying "breath AS medicine" moving from mouth breathing to nasal breathing . . . moving from dysfunctional breathing to optimal breath rates and patterns . . . moving from unconscious breathing to conscious breathing enjoying the health benefits of breathwork strategies.



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