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Health Benefits Of Humming & Bumble Bee Breath

Updated: May 13

Ed Harrold reveals how to use the Bumble Bee Breath (or Bhramari) to increase nitric oxide and stimulate the vagus nerve.
Health Benefits Of Humming & Bumble Bee Breath by Ed Harrold

In Sanskrit, Bhramari is also called bhramar meaning ‘wasp’. Some also translate this as meaning 'humming bee'. In this form of yoga breathing, a humming sound is generated during a slow exhalation resembling the sound produced by a buzzing bee. The vibrations created with this form of breathing benefits us in many ways. One of the most exciting is the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric Oxide (NO) is produced in the paranasal sinuses. Bumble Bee breath regulation produces up to 15 times more Nitric Oxide (NO) gas in the Sinuses of the skull. NO gas from the nose and sinuses is inhaled with every breath and reaches the lungs in a more diluted form to enhance pulmonary oxygen uptake via local vasodilation.

The health benefits of NO produced through the Bumble Bee breath include:

  • calms the agitated mind

  • relaxes the nervous system

  • boosts immunity as NO kills viruses and bacteria

  • reduces blood pressure

  • regulates metabolism

  • regulates hormone/neurotransmitter

  • reduces inflammation

  • stimulates the vagus nerve

  • and so much more!

In addition to the Bumble Bee breath, singing, mantra chanting, and humming have also been shown to produce this same molecule. So, if you can't find your way into the Bumble Bee breath, HHHUUUUMMMM your way into increasing your NO production.

How To Do Bhramari:

These and other techniques like these can be experienced on our LIVE breathwork classes weekly.




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