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Dr. John Douillard On Nasal Breathing During Exercise

What a treat to spend time with Dr. John Douillard, Lifespa, on the topic of nasal breathing for optimal health and exercise performance.

Throughout this interview, we discuss the following aspects on the science of breath:

  1. How nasal breathing provides the "co-existence of opposites" by balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of our nervous system

  2. How nasal breathing supports endurance training

  3. The balance between O2, CO2 and nitric oxide. Did you know 75% of the air breathed in gets unused? Turn over-breathing and/or dysfunctional breathing into proper breathwork

  4. "Breath is the governor" for managing stress and recovery protocols. Nasal breathe to reach the relaxation nerve endings in the lower lobes of our lungs

  5. The role of the Diaphragm

  6. A great Covid-19 breathing technique approved as Inspiratory Muscle Training in coronavirus recovery for long-haulers

You can learn more about the science of Ayurveda, Dr. John and more at



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