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Is Your Workout Neuroplastic?

A 30-Minute Workout For The Mind & Body

Is Your Workout Neuroplastic?

No matter who I’m working with, the word “time” seems to be an issue.  The corporate executive is challenged by time to incorporate healthful routines into their daily schedule.  The athlete wants to improve their time yet manage their time wisely with their training routines.  Everyone is challenged by their perception of “time”.

My role is to bring dynamic awareness routines that fit within the framework of lifestyles and personal goals (improving leadership, productivity, revenue, communication, endurance, speed, etc.) yet provide the body/mind with an experience that enhances respiratory, cardiovascular, ANS, vagal, digestive, immune and brain function.

Here’s a 30-minute workout you can do almost anywhere anytime.  All you need is a mat, some hand weights and your breath.  That’s right, your breath.  And specifically, mindful nasal diaphragmatic breath.  No mouth breathing.  No music, no tv, no phone . . . just you paying attention to every breath and every movement.

In 30-minutes, we’ll combine:

  • strength

  • flexibility

  • cross-patterning movement

  • cardiovascular &

  • meditation-in-motion

You pick the amount of weight.  Here we go . . .

Watch 30-Minute Workout

Take it a step further by adding a neuroplastic experience.  What’s a behavior you want to change?  What’s a thought you want to reprogram?  What’s an emotional reaction you want to let go of?  Before you begin, I invite you to create an intention for this next 30 minutes.  On the inhale, look and listen inside yourself with your intention (witness thoughts).  On the exhale, physically “feel” the experience and let go.  Follow the exhale to completion.

When we make better use of our time, we make better use of other’s time.

Go BE Great!



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