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The Business Of BE'ing Within

Ed Harrold's BodyMindBusiness


In today’s challenging business environment, high performing executives are adopting multi-disciplinary approaches to become more productive and effective under pressure AND to achieve it without compromising their personal health and happiness.


In BodyMindBusiness, we seek to educate the readers on aligning the body's optimal physiology and biochemistry with the psychology of peak performance and organizational results.  

The Business Of BE'ing Within

In BodyMindBusiness, we learn how to live in a “body OVER mind” environment biohacking the body’s natural intelligence into a state of heart-brain coherence.  Coherence is associated with cognitive and emotional function as well as self-regulation.

Today’s executive is moving through life at such a rapid unconscious fast face with distractions, commitments, deadlines and pressures that leave us feeling as if we can’t keep up.  In fact, one might say, drowning out of water, or feeling out of breath!


This hurried state-of-being has turned on a part of our physiology that was designed for emergencies only, the Stress Response.  We can’t always destress with just our mental mind.  For many, the Stress Response system has been running for so long, it won’t turn off.  It’s been trained to run on auto-pilot exhibiting a type of implicit memory that organizes perception, feelings, and behavior in a patterned response based in only human survival.  Not only is this problematic for the individual themselves, management stress is often transferred to the employees. Quite simply, it's contagious!

In today’s hectic environment, we’re seeing the result of diminished cognitive abilities and a great deal of trouble exercising self-control. People often make choices that bear a mixed relationship to their own preferences moving moment-by-moment in an unconscious state of being. 

In BodyMindBusiness, we transform into a resilient executive optimizing wellness and performance into productivity.


Agapi Stassinopoulos, Author, Wake Up To The Joy Of Us

"Ed has given us, in this book, the keys to truly living a breathtaking life!! Read it, share it, and start to live a life that is anchored in the power of your breath which will affect just about everything in your life."

Michael Susi, Director of Global Wellness, LinkedIn

"Ed highlights the hidden power that lies within each breath we take and demonstrates its' positive effect on human performance of all types.  Each person and organization that incorporates the principles of BodyMindBusiness will gain a competitive advantage over those that don't"

Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA, The Sleep Ambassador

"You’re about to be transformed from just DO’ing to actually BE’ing. Engaging and inspiring, Ed’s practical and instructive program trains you to unlock your full potential by optimizing your brain function using techniques for proper breathing and by engaging in a 30-day action plan designed to help you BE the best YOU. So, get down to the business of using your body and mind for peak performance at work and in life."

Oswaldo Lopez, Global Human Resources, RiceTec

"Ed learnings have been crucial for my professional well-being. As HR professional I have been exposed to multiple leadership philosophies and practices, but none have connected the individual’s well-being with the outcome of the leadership practice. Ed’s holistic approach increased my level of awareness, and is helping me to manage stress and communication effectively. I can see higher concentration and performance levels. Ed will guide you and provide the tools, but will be on you to execute it. Thank you Ed."

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