Ed Harrold's Basics Of Breath Course

The Basics Of Breath Course

Discover Your "Life With Breath"

Learn the Basics Of Breath with Ed Harrold's e-Learning educational and experiential breath course. 


Breathwork Course Includes 6 Basic Breath Clinic Lessons (See Curriculum Below). 


Each Breathwork Lesson includes a tutorial on an area of health influenced by our breath rates and patterns. 


Each Breathwork Lesson includes instructional and experiential breathing technique videos to improve the specific area of health and well-being.

1+ Hour(s) Of Video Instruction

This Breath Course Is For Those Who:

  • Are experiencing breathlessness or shortness of breath

  • Are experiencing Dysfunctional Breathing, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Breathing Pattern Disorders

  • Have problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep

  • Are feeling stressed and anxious

  • Feel tired and lack of energy

  • Are experiencing symptoms of high blood pressure/hypertension

  • Want to improve heart rate variability

  • Want to move from mouth breathing to nasal breathing in exercise

  • Want to strengthen their vagus nerve thereby improving vagal tone

  • Want to improve their immune system

  • Want to improve mental clarity, attention and focus 



Basics Of Breathing Course Outline


An educational & experiential e-learning program on the health & performance benefits of yoga breathing

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