Ed Harrold's on a mission to make living YOUR "life with breath" accessible to EVERYONE.  Breath regulation is the most undervalued tool we use for health and human performance.  Breathing influences our biochemistry, biomechanics, physiology & psychology.  Learning to “control the breath,” also known as conscious breathing or breath regulation, has countless positive affects on our mental, physical and emotional state of being.  In short, it's the single most valuable tool accessible to each and every one of us. 

Our "Life With Breath" Membership program is designed to bring you ALL the tools you need to learn and live your life applying breathwork therapy in all areas of your health, fitness and organizational performance.

Membership Benefits

Standard Membership is $7.99/month.  Each month, you pay $7.99 OR what fits for your budget.  It can be the same amount or you can change it based on your household budget.  What matters to us, is YOU having access to a "life with breath".

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LIVE "Year Of Breath" Workshops

Educational & experiential workshops on applying "breath as medicine"

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Enjoy a community of like-minded people living their "life with breath"

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Benefits Of Living YOUR "Life With Breath"


89% Mood


78% Exercise Performance


72% Attention, Focus, Clarify


68% Less Stress


60% Productivity


58% Better


38% Better