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Wed, Jul 10


Online Event

Breathing for Endurance Exercise

(LIMITED TO 8 PEOPLE) Join Ed Harrold for an empowering 4-week series designed to enhance your endurance training and exercise through the power of breath.

Breathing for Endurance Exercise
Breathing for Endurance Exercise

Time & Location

Jul 10, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Online Event

About the event

This series will explore the integral role of breathing in boosting physical performance, building resilience, and fostering mental stamina. Learn how to harness your breath to excel in both life and exercise.

Week 1 (July 10th): Life as an Endurance Event
  • Topic: Life Is an Endurance Event
  • Description: Begin the series by exploring the concept of life as a continuous endurance event. Ed Harrold will discuss how the principles of endurance in sports apply to everyday life, emphasizing the importance of stamina, persistence, and resilience. Learn foundational breathing techniques that support long-term physical and mental endurance.
Week 2 (July 17th): The Body’s Natural Endurance Design
  • Topic: The Body is Already Designed for Endurance
  • Description: Dive into the biology of endurance, focusing on how our bodies are naturally equipped for prolonged activity. Ed will explain the role of fat as the building block for endurance energy and how efficient breathing optimizes fat metabolism. Discover how to train your body to utilize its natural endurance capabilities through specific breathwork practices.
Week 3 (July 24th): Building Resilience in Exercise Performance
  • Topic: Building Resilience in Exercise Performance
  • Description: Learn how to enhance your exercise performance by building resilience. This session will cover techniques to increase your physical stamina and recovery through breathwork. Ed will provide practical strategies to push through physical limits, reduce fatigue, and maintain peak performance during endurance activities.
Week 4 (July 31st): The Mental Endurance Game
  • Topic: The Mental Endurance Game
  • Description: Focus on the critical role of mental endurance in achieving long-term success. Ed will teach methods to cultivate mental toughness and maintain focus under pressure. Understand how breath control can calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and improve concentration, enabling you to overcome mental barriers and stay committed to your endurance goals.

Throughout the series, participants will engage in guided breathing exercises, practical endurance training techniques, and reflective practices to integrate learning. Each session will include interactive discussions and Q&A, providing a comprehensive understanding of how to use breathwork to enhance endurance in both exercise and life.

Join Ed Harrold for this unique opportunity to transform your endurance capabilities and develop a resilient mindset. Embark on a journey to unlock your full potential through the power of breath.


  • Breathing Endurance Exercise




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