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The Ed Harrold Method Of Executive Coaching

In today’s challenging business environment, high performing executives are adopting multi-disciplinary approaches to become more productive and effective under pressure AND to achieve it without compromising their personal health and happiness.  The Ed Harrold Method™ empowers business leaders on the “simplicity of greatness.”

The future of executive development is blended.  The connection between personal purpose and daily behaviors help ensure the alignment of organizational and team goals, mission and values. Aligning one’s deepest values and beliefs represents a critical component to skillful energy management.

Leaders who operate from flow states, work at their peak abilities without feeling stress. Stress is a perception of the present moment. Since there are no limits in flow states, there is no stress. Not only can we enjoy an increase in performance but we lower the risk of illness in the process optimizing wellness & performance into profitability.  Build resilience to build your business.

“The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a

direct link to your performance.” ~Forbes

When performing in these optimal flow states, research reveals we see an increase in performance of 500% to 700%. In the Ed Harrold Method™ Executive Coaching program, Ed teaches business leaders how to access those flow states through breath training and mindfulness-based strategies. As we explore our individual and organizational perceived strengths and weaknesses, we develop solutions to maximize the psychology of peak performance and organizational results. The Ed Harrold Method™ fosters group flow to deliver bottom-line results.

No matter whether you're running the company or running a department, it's an endurance event.  Endurance relies on resilience.  Resilience relies on lower heart rates, increased heart rate variability and burning fat as fuel.  The 1strule of thumb is understanding how you’re using your energy physically, mentally and emotionally.


“Transform any negative into a positive for yourself.  Transform any fear into a new

strength.  It’s just one breath away.” ~Ed Harrold 

Coaching Components:

  • Build Resilience:  Resilience is a skill that can be taught and developed in everyone.  Learn the skills to thrive in highly demanding environments.  

  • Sustainable Energy Management techniques designed to lower heart rates, increase heart rate variability and access mental flow states.

  • Develop Focused Attention:  Cognitive Training through meditation and mindfulness-based business strategies to understand thought physiology and patterns of behavior.  Did you know that neurons that fire together, wire together?  Neurons fire together based on sustained attention.  Whatever your thoughts, you begin to wire the brain for those thoughts, emotions and behavior.  If your thoughts are based in negativity, fear, fatigue, you wire the brain to experience negativity, fear and fatigue.

  • Emotional Intelligence training (feeling) to maximize the psychology (thinking) of peak performance and organizational results (action).


Ed’s integrated approach helps leaders live healthier more vibrant lives while executives stay focused in the midst of distraction, challenge assumptions from a place of genuine curiosity, and react calmly and thoughtfully.

"Ed learnings have been crucial for my professional well-being. As HR professional I have been exposed to multiple leadership philosophies and practices, but none have connected the individual’s well-being with the outcome of the leadership practice. Ed’s holistic approach increased my level of awareness, and is helping me to manage stress and communication effectively. I can see higher concentration and performance levels. Ed will guide you and provide the tools, but will be on you to execute it. Thank you Ed."

Oswaldo Lopez, Global Human Resources

RiceTec Inc.

"Ed is a master at working with corporate executives and helping them achieve career and life optimization by infusing a steady dose of wellness related exercises that are rooted in meditation, yoga, breathing and stretching. Additionally, this tools were easily applicable to my recent training regiment that helped me achieve success and completion of a grueling endurance event. Every work hard, play hard executive could benefit from Ed's experience working closely with high level corporate performers and athletes."

Michael Neuman, Executive Vice President, Managing Partner, Scout Sports and Entertainment

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