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Breathwork Strategies For Healthcare Professionals


We understand how much stress you're under.  And, we want to help.  Breathing rates and patterns influence our biochemistry, biomechanics, physiology and psychological states of being.  Incorporating intentional breathing practices as standalone exercises or within movement enhances brain function, improves heart health, creates autonomic nervous system stability and so much more.

This page incorporates Ed Harrold's Breath AS Medicine philosophy with a series of breathing techniques and/or sequenced breathwork exercises to incorporate throughout your day and/or on your days off to reboot and rebalance your mind & body.

Below are two Covid19 Breathwork Channels:  1) Breathing Techniques & 2) Breathing Classes.  Below, we offer a guide on when to incorporate the videos in each Channel.



Go BE Great!

In Breathing Techniques Channel, Diaphragmatic Breathing With Ocean Sound is your basic foundational breath ALL day long.  There is an AM & PM technique, techniques to fall asleep or fall back asleep.  When you need to improve focus & attention, do videos #7 or #8.  And, when you feel overly stressed, incorporate video #6.