Executive Performance Coaching

“The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance.” ~Forbes


The Ed Harrold Method™:  Executive Performance Coaching

Executive Coaching From The Inside Out

In today’s challenging business environment, the debilitating effects of stress are taking their toll on organizational performance as well as our individual health and well-being. It has become imperative to learn techniques that deepen the relationship between the body and mind, and to train the mind to be present for “mindful” decisions instead of “mindless” action.  The Ed Harrold Method™ empowers business leaders on the “simplicity of greatness.”

Leaders who operate from flow states, work at their peak abilities without feeling stress. Stress is a perception of the present moment. Since there are no limits in flow states, there is no stress. Not only can we enjoy an increase in performance but we lower the risk of illness in the process optimizing wellness & performance into profitability.  Build resilience to build your business.

When performing in these optimal flow states, research reveals we see an increase in performance of 500% to 700%. In the Ed Harrold Method™ Executive Coaching program, Ed teaches business leaders how to access those flow states through breath training and mindfulness-based strategies. As we explore our individual and organizational perceived strengths and weaknesses, we develop the Mindful Professional. The Ed Harrold Method™ fosters group flow to deliver bottom-line results.

Ed’s transformational Executive Performance Coaching program combines mindfulness-based strategies with the Harrison Assessment Talent Development Solutions to maximize the psychology of peak performance and organizational results.

How does it work? Executives learn how to incorporate specific breathing & mindfulness exercises as cognitive mental exercise to reprogram the patterns of behavior identified within the Traits & Emotional Intelligence data from their Harrison Report. The combination of the two reduces the amount of negative emotions we feel in the moment, helping to move our temporal focus away from thoughts about the past or the future. This leads to functional and structural changes in the brain over time; neuroplasty.

“Transform any negative into a positive for yourself.  Transform any fear into a new strength.  It’s just one breath away.” ~Ed Harrold


Eileen Benwitt, Chief Talent Officer, Horizon Media
“Eddie Harrold, an amazing transformational partner, has been teaching our organization that stress is an unnecessary state of mind. Using our natural breath, physical movement and the balance of physiological knowledge, our employees are leveraging his strategies for undoing years of unhealthy reactions to the stressors we all face as corporate citizens. Eddie is what all corporations need.”

Blending the fields of neuroscience and the wisdom of contemplative traditions into effective strategies, we will:

  • Meet clients where they are (emotionally) today;
  • Educate leaders on the connection between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health;
  • Develop a personal wellness blueprint based on our principles of ACT (Awareness, Choice, Transformation);
  • Identify your perceived strengths and weaknesses to overcome obstacles.
  • Incorporate mindfulness-based strategies to develop your Behavioral Pattern Analysis

Together, we develop a model for growth and transformation within the framework of executive functioning, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, health, well-being and ultimately living in alignment with our goals.

Jonathan Foust, Founder of Meditation Teacher Training Institute, Washington, DC & Former President of Kripalu Center
Truly, Ed, it’s a rare teacher who knows the content so well, yet obviously has the practice embodied as well as the fruits. You are obviously developing true mastery … your content knowledge is exemplar and you have a wonder and rare capacity to make it not only entertaining, but engaging in the best way … Blessings in all you do!