Ed Harrold has been educating individuals and businesses involved in healthcare, fitness, corporate wellness, hospitality and more on the health and performance benefits of intentional breathing and mindfulness-based strategies for the last 20 years.  


Mindful conscious breathing is the most undervalued tool we use for health and human performance.  Breathing influences our biochemistry, biomechanics, physiology & psychology.  Learning to “control the breath,” also known as conscious breathing, has countless positive affects on our mental, physical and emotional state of being.


In high-demand work environments, mindful breathing is the tool for lowering heart rates and improving heart rate variability building resilience in the face of intense stress.  It's the tool we use to tap into flow states working at peak levels. In addition, conscious breathing cultivates mindfulness and positive awareness states of being.  Intentional breathing combined with mindfulness skills has been linked to improved cognition and executive functioning, emotional intelligence, stress reduction and organizational performance.

Mindful breathing is an effective and appropriate modality for stress reduction, improving symptoms related to the causes of disengagement at work and plays in impactful role in the prevention of many chronic illness conditions.  It's appropriate and impactful in any corporate wellness and/or patient care setting. 

It is known as the gateway to Meditation or flow as the breath creates balance in the autonomic nervous system, reduces the flow the stress response hormones, quiets the monkey mind and encourages a peaceful state of being.

In short, it's the single most valuable tool accessible to each and every one of us.  The health and performance qualities are limitless.  Join Ed Harrold to discover your "life with breath" for yourself, your patients and/or your employees.  Check out Ed's list of Services to see which best suits your individual and/or group needs.

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