When:   March 6th @ 6pm - 7pm MST

Where:  Webinar

Fee:       Promo Rate @ $22.00

Note: Webinar details will be provided via email to all registrants 1 week prior to event.

There are several stages of sleep that we go through during the night; each playing an important role. Often these stages are interrupted because our modern schedules aren’t operating in conjunction with the body’s natural rhythms and cycles. Not only has this become a significant health issue for adults but also, children. The impact of mouth breathing in children is contributing to not only changes in craniofacial growth and development, children are struggling with cognitive and emotional self-regulation.


The body follows a natural cycle called the circadian rhythm. Our body is performing various functions throughout this 24-hour cycle. When this cycle is interrupted, we begin to experience various hormone imbalances which impact our ability to enjoy a good night's sleep.


How we breathe plays a large role in balancing our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which is comprised of two systems that regulate our stress and relaxation responses. In an overly stressed culture, we’re living in autonomic imbalance in the nervous system. In my opinion, this is one of the largest factors affecting sleep disorders, as many sleeping issues are rooted in our daytime activities.


In this webinar, we'll learn how to use breathing exercises to balance our ANS throughout the day. We'll use various breathing techniques to support our circadian and ultradian rhythms. We'll also learn exercises to help you fall asleep or fall back asleep if you've awakened during the night.


Daily breathing exercises are a wonderful tool for improving sleep patterns resulting in a more restorative sleep.

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