Ed Harrold's LIVE STREAM Breath Class

The "body OVER mind" Psychology of Peak Performance And Organizational Results

It sounds crazy right!  I can maximize peak performance with my breath?  YES!   Breathing rates and patterns influence areas of the brain related to attention, memory and emotion.  It's also the regulator for our Autonomic Nervous System from "stress" to "relaxation" response.  Resiliency is our ability to move between these aspects of our nervous system with ease.  As we create a resilient body, we create a resilient mind. 

In BodyMindBusiness, we introduce a “body OVER mind” psychology that removes the barriers limiting performance and productivity while still ensuring one’s health and well-being. 


Here’s what Michael Neuman, Executive Director of Horizon Media had to say

on Twitter after working with his team to land a new client!


Thank you

@Ed_Harrold for another great year - you are a true difference maker. Anyone in high level business that drives hard and keeps a daily scorecard should work with you. Agency had a big year and we all thank you @scoutsande

In BodyMindBusiness, we use the body's natural physiology to stabilize the mind for optimal performance.  We discipline ourselves on the "business of BE'ing within" to produce the results we desire.  Attending these sessions will:

  • Introduce you to a deeply grounding breathing practice

  • Increase focus & attention

  • Teach you how to self-regulate throughout your day

  • Lower heart rates and put you in a fat burning mode for optimal professional endurance

  • Create autonomic stability in your nervous system

  • Introduce the mind to working in flow states


We start at 6:39 am because 9 is a powerful number symbolizing natural born leaders; LIKE YOU.  The class runs for 11 minutes because the # 11 symbolizes balance and decision making.  Let's combine these aspects into a skillfully designed routine that enables you to ACT in alignment with the habits that drive your success.

Monday thru Friday

Thru June 9th, 2020


Monthly For 3 Months

  • BodyMindBusiness LIVE Stream Class Mondays thru Fridays @ 6:39 am MST

  • 11-Minute Classes Based on BodyMindBusiness Philosophy

  • Can't Make It? Access The Class Later That Day

  • Cancel Any Time

  • Access To ALL Recorded Classes During Subscription Period



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FREE to healthcare providers and emergency personnel

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