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“Stalling the aging process in the brain and body is the foundation of my programming. Live fully … use the heart, brain and mind as one sense organ and you’re free to expand.” ~ Ed Harrold


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Learn the art and science of “Life With Breath” and mindfulness-based strategies as part of your complete health, wellness and performance program. Ed Harrold’s focus on creating autonomic balance through Mindful breathing is an effective and appropriate modality for stress reduction, improving performance & productivity in high-demand work environments and in lifestyle medicine for the prevention & complimentary care of many chronic illness conditions.

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Ed Harrold Will Help You:

  • Transform negative thought patterns & behaviors
  • Provide you with a personalized lifestyle medicine plan incorporating daily strategies to improve your health & wellbeing
  • Develop an exercise program that moves you from mouth breathing to nasal breathing so your fitness routines are healthful and neuroplastic
  • Teach you the tools to tap in flow states to improve athletic and/or corporate performance
  • Empower you to Go BE Great!

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Discover yourself with Ed.  Discover Life With Breath:

Schedule yourself for regular video conferencing coaching sessions with Ed via Skype or Zoom. Please note, if you’re interested in booking ongoing sessions with Ed, select the option for 2 Sessions or 3 Sessions on the date you’d like your first session. We will book your ongoing sessions with Ed.